Hi, I’m Matthew Eber.

Here is a little info about me and what I’m passionate about.

A Little About Me

I’ve worked in technology nearly my entire life.

My background includes working with startups, nonprofits and established organizations. A sampling of my work includes, building online donation systems, creating public service television campaigns, speaking with the media, creating and executing targeted drip e-mail campaigns… just to name a few. I’ve always enjoyed having a well rounded skill set so I can champion a project.

Currently I consult with startups and several nonprofits to help build growth plans. I work with tools like Salesforce, Segment, Optimizely, Google Analytics, MailChimp and Customer.io to take a data-driven approach to user growth.

As a kid I grew up with computers and I have a strong passion for technology. I believe technology can be a key component to helping make the work a better place. To this end, I’ve worked with nonprofits from behind a desk and on the ground. It’s rewarding work.

I call Tulsa, Oklahoma my home and I have quite a love for this unique “flyover” city. It’s a special place. If you’re not from here, I encourage you to read about all the things happening here.

Outside of work, I’m happily married to the lovely @ashley_s_ash. You can find me relaxing on a long bike ride or with a short run. I love the mountains and I’m always down for a ski trip. I like to cook up a storm and enjoy a craft beer or two. I am fascinated with the weather and I’m also a coffee addict.

Ultimately, I’m excited to make things happen, and be part of something bigger than me.

Here are a few recommendations on things I appreciate.


I’m Matt. I’m a dreamer, a cycler, a skier, a traveler, a weather geek, a movie maker, and a chips & salsa eater.

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